Team NIKE: Episode 7 - "THE MAIN EVENT"

Dave Surber - Director of Photography (1 of 2)

The Main Event: After all the talk and hype, the Game of The Decade had finally arrived: Team NIKE versus Team Ooh Way Records. During a pre-game meeting, Coach Bingo rallied his Team NIKE troops inside Harlem's Boulevard ICE for a pep talk to prepare his crew. As game-time slowly approached, both teams arrived to the most populated Dyckman Park crowd in the history of the league's existence. After a few delays, the players were finally able to get on the court and take care of business for their teams. Team Ooh Way Records Coach Tony Rosa had his players in full attack mode as the two heavy weight teams traded buckets all night long. During the final moments of this historic matchup, the crowd was able to witness history as Corey "The Priceless One" Fisher sealed the upset and victory over the previously undefeated Team NIKE. Fingers were pointed and excuses were made: the Boys in Black were taken out of their element, didn't play as a team, and didn't play with their signature high-level defensive tenacity. Despite any reasons for the loss, one thing is for certain - Team NIKE's goal for a perfect summer was ruined. Watch as it all unfolds this summer over at