Team NIKE: Episode 5 - "GAME OF THE DECADE"

Dave Surber - Director of Photography (1 of 2)

Game of The Decade: Ooh Way Records' Corey "Homicide" Williams and rapper Jadakiss scout Team NIKE's recent blowout wins and are impressed with what they see. The Boys in Black are at a comfortable 5-0 record and their team chemistry is at an all time high. While Team NIKE is sitting pretty at the top of the Dyckman standings, Ooh Way Records isn't scared as they're carrying a full arsenal of talent. Ooh Way Records' Tony Rosa, Oun P, Sunny, and Cory Gunz (Young Money artist and friend of Homicide) preview the players that will be suiting up opposite of Team NIKE that includes Homicide, Ron "Metta World Peace" Artest, Dwight "Top Shelf" Hardy, Darren "DP" Phillip, Jeremy Hazell and Nakia "Fabulous" Miller. Streetball history will be made at Dyckman Park on July 20, 2011. Where else would you wanna be? Watch as it all unfolds this summer over